IMG_1566I succumb to nothing but temptation!

Its pretty ridiculous that I have to describe myself, as I believe that no one but me is going to read this. If you do end up stumbling on this page, I take it that you are spending one of your wee afternoons (or/and nights) loitering aimlessly in the vast expanses of cyber space. Let me help your cause.

Like most people in the world, I am just a simple guy who gets kicks out of the cheapest things in life (like seeing a trailer on the highway, or listening to the birds chirp in the morning) and I could get on your nerves at times for this. But over all, I am a pretty fun guy to be with (at least I think so!).

I hail from the great town of Madras (I prefer to stick to this name, though certain Indian counterparts seem to prefer an alternative name). I love the city to no end and even the heat can’t dent that love!

Hobbies… ummm… not many hobbies for me! I love to cook and am open to any new recipes that you might think I would like. I love sports. I play, but am not particularly good at, football (not american), badminton, racquetball, squash, etc. Name a sport and chances are I would’ve played it at some time in my life. I also love to sing, although you’re probably better off if you haven’t heard me do so…

Overall, I’m happiest in life when I’m around her.